Fashion trend prediction of 2022

Fashion trends always keep on changing. Some trends which were a hit during their time had now faded away with time while some which were not seen in a while suddenly come back more trendy. As 2022 was a year of pandemic it changed the fashion trends of 2022 accordingly. Given below are such trends that have grown big in 2022 fashion.

Baggy clothes

Baggy clothes fashion
Baggy fashion trend of 2022Pinterest

As the lockdown has taught us to put comfort over everything, this baggy fashion has our back. Baggy clothes are back in style from the 90s, they are all about comfort, oversized and roomy clothes. Because these baggy clothes can be worn by anyone with all shapes and sizes of the body it has removed the consciousness of people with different body sizes. People choose to be stylish while being super comfortable. These usually include wide-leg pants, oversized t-shirt, loose-fitting clothes. 

Tennis skirts

Tennis skirt trend
Tennis skirt

While thinking of a tennis skirt we always visualize a sporty fit but the tennis skirt is more versatile than you think. Though because it can look preppy, casual, or flirty depending on how you style it. Whether it is sweet style, comfy style, baddie style, they can be perfectly matched. The same tennis skirt, combined with different clothing pieces and accessories, or even the same accessories, can easily create completely different styles with a fashionable look. These include basic, pleated, patterned tennis skirts.

Sweater vests

Sweater vest fashion trend in 2022
Sweater vest

A sweater vest is an item of knitwear that is similar to a sweater, but without sleeves, usually with a low-cut neckline. They were popular in the 20th century. They are back and more stylish than ever. Sweater vests are nowadays seen as cute cropped versions or oversized ones. The chunky sweater vest can be worn in winter for a warm cuddle.If you are a kind of a basic person then you can go for a white sweater vest or if you are more on the funky side you can go for a color block sweater vest. Either way, they are super cute and stylish.

Loose fit jeans

Baggy jeans

Loose-fit jeans denim trends keep on changing as skinny jeans reigned for a long period. Loose-fit jeans are in the trend of 2022 as they are more comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Loose-fitted jeans are now the most basic wardrobe essential. These denim trends include mom’s jeans boyfriend jeans straight leg jeans etc. People have become more diverse in choosing their denim of different styles, patterns, colors. Loose-fitted jeans can be simply paired with a basic shirt and it elevates the look instantly.


Monochrome outfit
Monochrome outfit

This look refer to wearing a separate color with different shades and tones and make a completely outfit. These are very big on trends. Mixing textures help to make the outfit more interesting.Wearing monochromatic also creates the dimension of being tall as the entire outfit is of the same color with a depth of different shades. monochrome as a trend had phases of fading and rising again but had never been out of style. It makes a woman look more powerful and elegant at the same time.

Matching sets

Matching set

There is a huge trend going on of wearing matching sets. The trend of wearing matching sets or co ords firstly came into fashion in the early 70s and kept changing through the 80s and 90s era. This set can be either two or three pieces which creates a whole outfit.It has been trendy as it gives an effortless look without the hassle of choosing different pieces and creating an outfit. These are seen in different colours,patterns and styles which includes pants, crop tops, shrugs, skirts altogether. Due to this they are suitable and can be worn in any type of occasion or event.

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