Your ultimate denim jeans guide

Denim jeans trends are always changing from skinny jeans to loose jeans from high to low and medium waist. Each and every aspect of denim comes under some or the other trend. There are a number of trendy denim styles you should know about.

Mom jeans

blue denim mom jeans
Blue mom jeans

Jeans have taken fashion trends to strom as they are a hot topic of debate. But in my opinion mom jeans are the most flattering pair of jeans that you can wear. They are the perfect fit for every body type and cinches you in the right parts of the body. It makes you look more stylish. On the part of comfort mom jeans stands out as it also creates a loose fit look making it look much cooler and stylish at the same time. 

It is the reason that you can pair anything with mom jeans and give off a cool outfit vibe.

Straight-leg jeans

Light washed straight-leg jeans
Straight leg jeans

My personal favorite pair of denim jeans is straight leg jeans. It fits in the right parts of the waist and thigh area and has straight legs with slightly loose ankles. They are effortless and cool as it accentuates the hips, waist and thigh area with straight fit. When it comes to your body type, straight leg jeans are much more comfortable and flattering than skinny jeans. They are neither too loose nor too fitted. As the result, gives you the trendy- chic look at the same time.

Boyfriend jeans

blue boyfriend pants
Boyfriend jeans

Your boyfriends might disappoint you , but boyfriend jeans will never! They are really high on trends in 2021. Boyfriend jeans have tight fit from the crotch and waist area. However, bottom of these jeans is usually loose. Wearing these gives you a quite boyish look but cool at the same time. 

Usually they fit right above the ankle. But can be folded accordingly. Boyfriend jeans can be easily worn with fitted tops to balance the whole look. Boyfriend jeans got their names as they look like a woman had borrowed a pair of jeans from their partner.

Loose-fit jeans

black baggy pants
Loose-fit jeans

As the name suggests, this pair of jeans are loose baggy jeans which have stood out the most after the whole pandemic. Loose fit jeans are the most comfortable pair of denim.

 They are more trendy than ever after the whole pandemic as people prefer comfort above everything. People bored of their basic skinny jeans are now preferring loose fit jeans. These jeans are best for each and every shape or body type moreover it adds a cooler and baggy look to the whole outfit. Therefore, loose fit jeans paired with any type of tops, sweatshirts, jackets, hoodies etc creates casual and chic look.

Flare denim jeans

flare jeans
Blue flare jeans

Flare Jeans have tight fit in thighs till the knees and have wide legs . In retro language “bell bottom jeans”. These jeans are back in trends of 2021 in different styles, patterns, colors etc. For instance, to create a chic look flare jeans are good to go! Usually these are high waisted as it creates an illusion of long legs. Therefore, Flare jeans with crop tops, shirts, blouses etc creates an elevated look.

Coloured denim jeans

pink coloured denim
Pink jeansPinterest

Coloured jeans are most versatile jeans in trend. These were in fashion around 2013. However, they are back in trend more fashionable

Personally I think wearing coloured jeans makes a fashion statement. They are now available in different colors including pastels, patchwork, patterns etc. 

You can pair these denim jeans with neutral, black and white shoes to balance the look. In conclusion, these are usually wide leg or straight leg jeans with regular fitting the waist can be either low, mid or high rise.

There it is, now you have the perfect knowledge of your favourite denim jeans. Style accordingly and be more stylish than ever!

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